The Truck Stops Here 4: FarmTruk & Chef/Co-Owner Samantha Mitchell.

Robust Factor

Whatever your style, your passion or pleasure, we have a Robust Factor to suit your taste. Explore the Robust Factor wine styles below.

1. Bubbles
Best suited for sushi, soft cheeses, quiche Lorraine, butter and cream sauces, lobster, asparagus, peaches, fried calamari, and, of course, caviar.  Perfectly happy all by itself, but always searching for a party!

2. Crisp
In search of herbed chicken, raw oysters, sautéed white fish, grilled pork loin, pasta pesto, vegetarian delights, curried shrimp and sunny summer days.

3. Mellow
Most compatible with grilled chicken of white fish, and seafood paella, but fancies the likes of sexy mussels, goat cheese, and slow-roasted turkey.

4. Luscious
Attracts sultry sautéed scallops, savory brown butter sauces, grilled lobster tails, pastas with cream sauce, pork roast, salmon and chicken any-which-way.

5. Soft-Hearted
Desperately seeking roast duck, chicken with sage, soft cheeses, BLTs, grilled lamb, veal chops, or salmon, and sautéed mushrooms.

6. Generous
Inspired by beef carpaccio, chicken empanadas, rosemary pork loin, pizza, beef Stroganoff, portabella mushrooms, and chili on Sundays.

7. Robust
Indulges in grilled Kobe beef steaks, chocolate truffles, hamburgers, gorgonzola cheese, hearty Irish lamb stew, and braised short ribs – always makes a statement.

8. Sweet & Stickies
Fancies a myriad of partners — spicy Szechuan, triple cream and blue cheeses, apple strudel, smoked salmon, Thai curry, charcuterie and glazed ham; fruit salad; bread pudding— sugar and spice and everything nice.